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Smoked Turkey

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This is a recipe we have used for many years it works good on a charcoal smoker but works better on an electric or gas smoker. I usually get a 15-20 pound turkey make sure it’s completely thawed I use pappys rub to season it and be generous with it I let it soak in for a few hours before putting it in the smoker. For the wood I use to smoke I do a mix of mesquite and cherry wood but you can use what ever you want. Now for the heat you want to smoke the bird at 180-220 degrees for charcoal this means you will need to babysit the fire for electric or gas it’s pretty much set and forget if you have one that Auto feeds the wood to the heat.
For the cooking times I usually cook the bird for one hour per pound it’s a long cook so you will need to start cooking the night before. When the turkey is done be careful as it may fall apart when you take it out of the smoker let the turkey sit for 15-25 minutes before carving. Cooking a turkey this way is a lot of work but the end results are well worth it. The smokes we have used for this are the Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker, The Bradley Electric Smoker and The Traeger Electric Smoker. Enjoy:D
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